Havetot – A breeding horses farm

Fioriture Haras d'Havetot

Charming cottage and guest house

Normandy Bocage

Fioriture Haras d'Havetot

Horses of the Haras d'Havetot :

Racehorse breeding site where you can meet our broodmares and their foals. 
It is now proven that horses know how to listen, even if they don’t understand, they can feel that they are just there for us, to make us feel good, so come and try it !

The birth of breeding at Havetot does not date from yesterday ! Passionate about horses and horses racing, Uncle Robert took over the breeding of his father-in-law.
Sonia, Monia, Une d’Havetot, Sierra and many others have marked the life of this estate. Some of these broodmares were real top athletes and won great prizes.

In the 1975s, the Hallais family moved to Anctoville thanks to Tonton and built a stable where the racehorses were trained. A strong relationship developed between Tonton and Jean-William, a heartfelt bond between the little boy and the man who took him under his wing like a grandson.

From a very young age, Jean-William went to the racecourses to accompany his father, a jockey/driver who won many prizes.
Lulled by this passion from an early age, it was only natural that Jean-William joined the family stable.
When Uncle passed away, the Hallais family continued to breed horses at Havetot.

We will be happy to share this history with you and to explain to you what life is like at a racehorse breeding stud : from the choice of origins to the first races.

Come to meet our horses of the Haras d’Havetot.